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Five years…so now what?

Well I have almost reached a big milestone with my business. I have almost hit the five-year mark with Bear Haven Boutique.  I can’t believe that it has been five years already nor can I believe how far I have come. I have learned so many new skills and have made so many new friends. While it has been a wild, emotional roller coaster, it has been one that has made me a stronger person and has helped my family in so many ways.

I suppose that you may have noticed a lack of posts lately if you are a regular reader. I admit that part of that has been because of illness. I haven’t been getting sick as much, but I still seem to get knocked on my bottom for longer than usual when I do. The other reason I haven’t been as active on my blog is because I am making some decisions as to where I want to go with my business. I have been making a lot of progress with my online store and am starting to branch out in new ways with my blog. It is kinda scary in a way but exciting all the same. I am also starting to put a little more into the local part of my business as well. I think I have something unique to offer the community, and I also have started using all my new-found social media skills to help with a revitalization progress in the town I reside. I also decided that it was time to make a new upgrade to the website, and that will be done in the near future as well. There really is a lot going on here! It has been a little difficult trying to manage my time well with all of it and keep to my values of putting my family first and my business and volunteer work second. I am working on it.

I am so thankful for all the support in the past five years! I can’t wait to show you all the new changes and to celebrate with you! Thank you so much for being a part of my life!

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