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1st Birthday Plannning Advice

When planning a first birthday for your little one, there is a lot to consider. So I thought I would offer some helpful tips to make your day go better. Some of it may sound like common sense, but some of it is easy to overlook when you are caught up in all the planning.
First and foremost, keep it simple. While it might seem like a good idea to have friends, family, and the neighborhood over to celebrate, you will be too busy to enjoy the special day, and the over stimulation caused by the large population may have adverse effects on your child as well. Also, hold off on the clown, pony, and other big attractions even if you have older children for the same reasons. Your one year old will not remember it, and it will be a lot more fun when they can regale you with memories of such an event.
Second, find a time that works for your baby. If your baby has set nap times and bed times, stick to them, and try to make sure your baby is rested. The reason why is because even if you do keep it simple, and especially if you don’t, he/she may still get overstimulated. If your baby is tired on top of it, then it just makes for disastrous results.
Finally, go light on the cake, for the baby that is. If your baby has not been exposed to many sweets, you may want to resist the urge to let him/her dig into the icing. I am not saying your baby cannot make a mess out of his/her special cake because it is quite fun to watch, but your baby may wind up getting sick if he/she eats too much icing.  Also if your baby is not used to that much sugar, it may have adverse effects as well. Cranky babies can make for cranky parents, and you want to be able to have fun at this too!
The most important thing when planning a first birthday is to have fun. While you may do extravagant parties later, keep it low-key for the first one, and it will allow for both you and your baby to have fun on the special day!



  1. Brandy
    March 28, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Just 2 months ago when my son celebrated his 1st birthday. My in-laws wanted it to be special since he was their first grand son. After the party i was totally exhausted after a week of stressful preparation. ha haha

  2. bearhaven
    March 29, 2010 at 2:58 am

    My parents wanted to make sure my son got to eat his cake and have fun with the icing. Needless to say, he got sick a few moments later. They felt bad and so did I!

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