Adventures in penny-pinching

Well…it’s official. I am a tightwad.

So this morning, I turned on the television so I could do my morning weigh in on Wii Fit and all that only to discover that we had no picture on the t.v. We had sound but no visual. I have known for a while that eventually this day would come seeing as how the t.v. is 13-14 years old and all. However, it was kinda sad to see it go. Of course, my son was all excited that we would finally get a “cool” t.v. like all of his friends have. So I set off on a quest to find a new t.v. today.

However, this quest was not so easy. I used to have no problem spending money. If we needed it or I thought we “needed” it, we got it. In the past few years, that has changed. Money was tight with between my new business and my husband starting a new career, and I do all the budgeting so I know where all the money goes. Somehow along the way, I have stopped wanting to spend money, especially on big things and will go out of my way to avoid spending money.

It started simply enough. We had a built-in microwave unit. Somehow, I accidently broke it. Basically, I dropped the popcorn bag I was putting in the microwave while it was open, and my head hit the door when I stood back up. It didn’t want to work after that. Rather than replace it, I decided to not use a microwave again. Period. I really don’t miss it, and I actually see it as a good thing. However, my next big-ticket graze over was not that simple.

Last fall, my dishwasher died. I loved my dishwasher. It was a big help with having two kids who have to get a new cup out of the cupboard EVERY time they get a drink. I am busy with work, home school, and everything else. I hate doing dishes. The dishwasher was a Godsend. However, when it died, my husband just started working for a new company, so I decided to wait a month and then get a new dishwasher. That was October. It is now April. I am still washing dishes by hand, sort of.

Yes, I know a dishwasher is not a necessity, but I really wanted a new one. I still do. Only every time I go to the appliance store, I just cannot bring myself to actually purchase one. Which brings us to today’s adventure.

I loaded my daughter into the car, and we went to town. She was excited to have a day with Mommy. However, I think that quickly changed when she realized that neither of us was having much fun. We went to about three different stores when I realized that this was not going to happen. I found fault with every t.v. we saw. Finally, I decided to treat my darling baby girl to a trip to Toys R Us to lighten the mood. It was there I found my inspiration to my latest hair-brained idea.

I saw a Princess t.v. sitting on the shelf  (Old style-not flat screen). I started scheming. If I brought the t.v. from the basement up to the living room and put  this one down there, the kids could still play video games in the basement, and I could watch t.v. upstairs all without spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy new model t.v. So I did it. However, it did not end there. Later that evening, I found out that my mother-in-law has an extra t.v. that is just sitting in storage, so she is letting us have it! Score! I can take the Princess t.v. back which will probably make my son happy to know he will not have to play Lego Star Wars on a pink Princess t.v. I will not be spending money, and all is right in my world.

Crisis averted for today. Now I can put the money back into my “buy a new dishwasher” fund. Yeah, like that is really ever gonna happen!


My son is visiting his grandma and learning about organic farming this weekend. I have a feeling he is not going to be so happy to learn that we are not getting a “cool” t.v. after all. Guess that’s what happens when you have a slightly strange mama!


  1. I wanted to note that I am actually proud of the fact that I would rather save for important things than rush right into a big purchase, especially when times are tough for many people. Considering that my husband and I are still fairly young, learning to utilize our finances wisely will help us as we get older and plan for our retirement someday.

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