Do you love yourself?

Well, do you? I think most of us would say that we love ourselves to a certain degree, but do you really love yourself? It is a question that has had me thinking all day.

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I am working on losing weight. Some weeks, it is good, and others, not so much. This last weigh in had me down almost two pounds. Hooray. However, today I looked in the mirror, saw myself (I mean really saw myself) and said, “Wow, I am pretty.” It has been a long time since I have given myself a compliment like that. I am so focused on changing myself to look like I used to look before I had children. However, I think that whether I stay at the weight I am or eventually lose the rest of the weight I want to lose, I need to be confident in the person I am right now. Not tomorrow. Not six months from now. I need to love the person I am at this moment, junk in the trunk and all.

I have always struggled with taking compliments, and I am overly hard on myself at times. I think we all are. I don’t know too many women who would not be able to find some flaw in the way she looks. It is human nature.

Nonetheless, I am proud of myself. I took a big step today. I am pretty, just as I am. I am pretty today. I will be pretty tomorrow. I will be pretty fat. I will be pretty thin. I am pretty!

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