Planning a Birthday Party for two or more children

In my house, there is a four-day period that comes every June and makes my wallet think that Christmas came a few months early. Yes, I am talking about my husband’s, son’s, daughter’s birthday/father’s day. My son’s birthday is the 18th, hubby’s is the 19th, and daughter’s is the 21st (although she was actually due on the 20th)  I also refer to this as the time that makes me remember how insignificant my birthday is since it is right after Christmas and sometimes forgotten which makes me want to celebrate it on my half-birthday with perhaps some flan or something, but I digress…
So to celebrate, I usually try to get my husband something he really wants (but probably doesn’t need) to make him feel special because he is sharing his birthday and sometimes Father’s day with the kids. I tried using the excuse that the kids were his presents, but that didn’t go over so well. I also have a party for the kids, who are three years apart. I always have one party partly to cut costs, partly because they all know the same people, and partly because it just makes it easier for me. This year though, I am having a little problem in planning. I have no theme! I know, a party planner who cannot come up with a theme for her own kids, it’s bad, right?
Originally, I wanted to do a fairy tale theme, you know, Shrek style. I was going to do it in the garden at a local bed and breakfast. However, my son decided that was not such a good idea. So I decided I was going to do something low-key this year instead, especially since I am taking them on a trip with friends as their present.  The problem is that the kids, being three years apart and having both a boy and a girl, cannot decide what to do.
I sent the invitations the other day via Evite since it is little more than a month away.I still am unsure what I am going to do. I am sure I will think of something, but right now my mind is a blank. Maybe this party planner could use a planner of her own or some divine inspiration or something.


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