A weighty subject

I am one day late in writing, but the official weigh in for this week was yesterday. The good news is that I lost 1.2 lbs. The bad news is that I really let the stress of the week get to me, and had I not let it get to me, I probably would have lost more. This week was really up and down with everything, and I really let things get to me.
One of the things that got to me the most that I thought was worth sharing is that I still have issues with body image. It is something I really want to work on because if I am so critical now, chances are that I will be critical even after I lose the weight. More importantly is the fact that I don’t want my children to have bad self images. My daughter finds beauty in everyone. She constantly tells me that I am beautiful, and she wants to be like me. Yet, I saw myself on t.v. the other night, and all I could think of at first was, “Do I really look like that?” I even asked my husband that question after he had a chance to see it.
Of course, he said no. Then it really hit me. I just turned something that was really good in my life into something kinda ugly. Instead of focusing on how wonderful the experience was, I was focusing on my appearance. So I have a new goal in addition to the weight-loss goal. My additional goal is this: to keep finding the beauty in me at this moment.
I also challenge any of my friends who are on a weight-loss journey to do the same. I want you to find peace and love with yourself because if you think you will find that just because you have suddenly become skinny, I think you might be in for a big disappointment. So lots of love to you all! And I am hoping for a good week!


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