The Ferocious Fours

If you have ever gotten the chance to meet Sissy Girl, you would think she is the sweetest and cutest little girl you have ever met (next to your own daughter of course if you are also a mother of a girl).  I would also like to say that whoever came up with the term “terrible twos” obviously did not have children. Seriously, who makes that stuff up anyways?
My daughter, with her cute little exterior, has declared war on me. I swear. I am not making this up! I even have the marbles, or lack thereof to prove it. (We use a marble system for allowances. They get so many in their cup at the beginning of the week and lose them when they break rules. It has been going fairly well. Yes, I am a genius. Thank you!) My daughter loves getting her allowance because it brings her that much closer to her next tutu skirt. Have I mentioned the girl is obsessed with clothes already? But I digress…
Lately, everything I say seems to go in one ear and out the other. I say, “Clean your room.” I go upstairs and it is either not done, or everything is shoved in the closet. I say, “Put your shoes on.” She is oblivious to it. I say, “Come here and let me clean  you up.” She runs the other way. She is quite messy for a little girl whose aspirations include wanting to be a princess. Then there are the temper tantrums. Most people don’t believe me on this one unless they have seen it first hand, and let’s face it, she saves it all mostly for the folks at home. The best one came from breakfast one day where I poured her a bowl of Cheerios, and she ranted about how she did not want them. It turned into a spectacular floor show. I mean I should have gone out and sold tickets for this one! Really!
You would think I would be used to it. I mean Bubby has had his share of whine filled floor kicking show spectaculars, but with Sissy, it has  really been  only in the past six months that this has been going on. I am not used to this form of mutiny from her. Then there is the whole issue of language…
All of a sudden all the cutesy little songs I used to sing to her like “Twinkle Twinkle” have been revised to include the word bottom and also bodily functions. She thinks it’s hilarious. I just can’t understand how someone so cute can be so foul. Her brother though is so proud!
So I have decided that the terrible twos are a crock. It is actually the Ferocious Fours filled with sassiness, stinkiness, and a lot of drama! Or am I wrong and just have kids who are strange like their mama?



  1. Jackie
    August 21, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    it’s so that those who are thinking of having children will consider it. if everyone knew that it was more than just the terrible two’s… or that the terribles two’s start they day they turn 1 who would have children? and her disgusting ways are probably due to having an older brother. i was like that with my brother. not to freak you out… but just wait until she is teen, or preteen! but hey, if you do things right once she gets to college she’ll realize how good of a mom you are and she’ll appologize for all the hell she put you through (at least i did). of course you’ll still have years of fighting…. just the dynamic of the mother-daughter relationship. for now i’m glad i just have a boy, but i reserve the right to change that in a few years! 🙂

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