I was trying to think of something fun for history class this year. I could buy  curriculum, but I had this brilliant idea one day and decided I was going to run with it and see what happens. As it turns out, my kids absolutely love it! So I thought I would share it because it might be something fun you might want to try with your child as an activity to help them learn about countries around the world or even states in the U.S.

I call this Passport to Our World. The idea is to create a little booklet for your child which he or she will decorate, and inside fill it with different places that you “visit.” Here is my son’s book. We used a composition book, and we covered it in construction paper.

My son decorated the front with a drawing of him! Inside, I had him write a few facts down about Japan, and I had him draw a picture of the flag and glue it to the page.

He thought it was great! We found a great website with child oriented information about Japan. Since I have a Japanese cookbook, we are going to cook something later in the week using the cookbook. Bubby thinks it is awesome. Sissy Girl even got into it! I was so surprised that it went over so well.

We will be taking a different country or region to study every week, but if you are thinking about doing something like this just for fun, you can do as few or as many as you like. My children are 4 and 7, and I thought this would be a neat way to get them to enjoy history and geography. If you have any additional ideas, I would love to hear them!

Posted by:Misfit Mama Bear Haven

I am a homeschooling mama and pin up model of three who loves coffee, gaming, reading, and anything to do with Star Wars or Doctor Who! When I am not playing with the kids, I can be found experimenting with cooking or screaming at the tv while playing video games.

2 replies on “A fun idea to get your kids interested in Geography

  1. Hello,
    You might enjoy the curriculum, “Galloping the Globe.” It lays out books and activities for each country. We did it like a unit study, and will contine at least one day per week. Here is how it works: For science, study the major habitats/animals of each country; try eating some food for each country; learn how they dress; study major landmarks/natural wonders, and etc etc.
    Susan Lemons http://www.susanlemons.wordpress.com
    Author, Homepreschool and Beyond

  2. Thank you! I am gonna have to check that out. We are doing something similar for Science with animals, and if I could find something that combined it all, that would be awesome!

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