What's in a name?

I got to thinking about this tonight because some friends of mine are having another baby and just found out they are having a boy. Already the husband is at work finding the strangest names that have some of us wondering if he wants his son to get an atomic wedgie every day from the time this child is potty trained! At least that is what I wonder. So I was wondering this question:
If you have children, how did you pick their names?
My husband and I have two children. They both have Polish first names. Part of that is because his siblings all have Polish names. My father-in-law’s parents were Polish. To make it fair for my family, the middle names are after people in my family. Bubby’s is after my mom’s dad. Sissy’s is after my mom and grandma’s middle name. Sissy actually has two middle names though. Her second middle name is after a dear friend and mentor of mine who died a year before she was born.
So that is us. What’s your story?

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