I should probably write something…

…but I really don’t want to. Maybe I can just say that the dog ate my blog. Yeah, that’s a good idea. except we don’t have a dog…but the neighbors do! However, he is kinda small. I don’t think he could really eat my computer. It might give him indigestion. That would stink, especially if he hacked up in my backyard. Wait, he wouldn’t do that because I never really gave him my laptop to eat. That would just be stupid and kinda weird. I don’t think I would want to explain that to the neighbors who seem pretty nice. Then they might label me as the crazy neighbor! I don’t think my kids would be too happy about that especially since they are all happy that our new neighbors have kids! Did I mention our neighbors are new? Well maybe not new, I mean they aren’t babies or anything, but they are new to us. Maybe it is like pre-owned neighbors or pre-loved neighbors. Yeah, I kinda like the sound of that.
So I guess I should write something. I mean the blog looks kinda empty since I haven’t added anything to it in a few days. I mean I can only promote old posts so much before people catch on. But ya know, I really don’t feel like writing anything, especially on an empty stomach. And I know that the Farmer’s Market is open today, and I bet they have those yummy tomatoes. I should get some of those. Oh sweet tomatoes! How I love thee! How so awesomely yummy are thee!!! Sweet sweet squishy tomatoey goodness! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!
Yeah, procrastination is not so bad. People do it all the time. Maybe I could put a sign up on the blog. There we go!

Gone for Tomatoes! Back in Five Minutes!

Why are you still reading this? I said I would be back in five minutes!!! Now scram. I mean it. No I don’t. You can stay. I suppose. I might even buy you a tomato. If you are good. I guess.

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  1. Jackie
    September 9, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    um i think you’ll be gone longer than 5 minutes…….. you may really have lost it this time! 😉

    • bearhaven
      September 10, 2010 at 2:54 am

      The tomatoes were very delicious!

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