Spam Spam Spam Spam…

I know it is kind of  a pain in the neck that I moderate my comments, but I am glad I do because of the influx of spam! I guess the growing readership in my blog equals also to the growing spam in my inbox. It amuses me somewhat because some of them try to write comments to make them look like they are actually responding to something. Sometimes, they actually make it through the filter, but then I catch them and throw them away. Then there are those spam comments that are inappropriate. Apparently, spammers have no idea who their “potential” audience is.  If it is dirty, chances are I am not going to approve it. Dude! I am a family friendly site! Geesh!

So the whole reason I am writing about spam today is because I actually had a spammer try to spam on this fabulicious blog (I think I should TM fabulicious. It is my new favorite word.) and then try to spam me again when I did not post his original comment. He actually got a bit nasty about it. I was left scratching my head and wondering what the heck???!!?!?!??!

So yeah, spammers make me sad. Spam stinks like all the stupid stink bugs around here. That is all.

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