Ok, so my daughter has a new obsession: Zoobles! She has started saving her allowance to buy them, and when she recently gave up sucking her fingers, she asked for Zoobles for a reward. Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what they were, but now I am knee deep in them at my house. I won’t be getting them in my store, but I thought I would share the little bit of knowledge I have on them in case your little girl joins the obsession.

Zoobles are kinda like Littlest Pet Shop in size and collectibility. Unlike Littlest Pet Shop, These little creatures roll into a ball and spring to life when you put them on top of their “Happitat.” The bottoms of them have a magnetic piece which is how they curl up in a ball. So in that way, they are like Bakugan. My daughter has fun hanging them upside down from various magnetic surfaces in our house making them look eerily like bats. Ok, my daughter is strange. (She takes after her father you know.) Anyways…

I kinda see these things lasting and not just becoming a fad because of their similarity to Littlest Pet Shop. I admit, I think they are a little strange, but my daughter absolutely loves them.

For more information about them, please visit their website (or talk to a 4 year old): www.zoobles.com.

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