If I only had a clone…

Maybe I have mentioned this before in my blog, but in case you are looking for Christmas gifts for me this year, I want a clone! I also want one of those remote control Millenium Falcons, but my husband has already gave me the thumbs down on that one. Seriously! It is a Millenium Falcon…that I can make fly… and if you order, you get…four action figures!!! *Sigh*
So where was I? Oh, a clone. Right. I need a clone. I just keep forgetting things. I mean part of it is because I have short-term memory problems. I am getting better. Maybe it is because I write things on three different calendars, leave notes everywhere, and I am really trying. However, I still end up forgetting something. Every day, it seems I forget something. Usually I can fix the situation, but I bet a lot of people think that I am scatterbrained, a flake or just blonde. Okay, so the last one is true, but I have been dyeing my hair again, so I have the artificial intelligence… I think.
So if I had a clone, maybe I wouldn’t be forgetful because she would remember everything I forget. Of course, if she didn’t, maybe I could just blame her then. I could probably get so much more done too!
So yeah, I still want a clone. I probably won’t get one, so I will add it to my growing list of things I really really want right now and cannot have for some reason or another like a clone, that millenium falcon, and some cevapi…mmm… cevapi!


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