The light at the End of the Tunnel

It has been a long day, but despite some frustrations, I can honestly say I am happy with all the progress made. It’s funny, but everything has come full circle with my website. However, it is not all bad. I have learned a lot in the past several months and will soon have a more professional website to show for it! So go me!
If you don’t know the website saga by now, I will give you the quick version. Please feel free to ask me for the expanded version. Basically, last spring, I decided to go with a different e-commerce site when my site was up for renewal. From the beginning, it was nothing but headaches. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my current hosting company. However, I wanted something more google friendly. I wanted to get more exposure, be more professional, blah blah blah. What followed next was nothing short of a nightmare. First, I had problems with my domain working. Then I found out that even though I could write some html codes, they would only show up on firefox. Also, I could not do my own seo work. I decided to suck it up and pay for the service which turned out horribly and ended in me getting a refund. I got an offer from another company to do a website. The website was all right, but I still had the e-commerce site to deal with because the other company’s e-commerce package was way too confusing for me. Then I had more domain problems, e-commerce site crashing problems, and just more headaches. So when yet another company called about website creation, I thought, What the heck? Why Not!
Well as it turns out, I absolutely love the new website that was finished last week (and no you may not see it yet!). They had an e-commerce package, and I was seriously going to go for it and do the training. However, after some more thought, I decided that I really liked the e-commerce format that I used to have this spring, before all the mess. So, I repurchased an e-commerce site with them and am now working on the linking part and adding the products. When it is all finished, I am going to have a sweet looking website and e-commerce package! Is it perfect? No, but you know what? It looks nice, and I like it!
While the whole experience these past few months has been a major setback, disappointment, and just a big headache, I have learned a lot. I wish I would have figured it out a lot sooner. I wish I would have just left it all alone in the first place. However, it is almost done. I am going to have a re-launch, and I think you will all like the changes.
So, the lesson learned here for any of you who might have a small business: do your research, and if a deal sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is. Here I thought I was going to save money by going with this other company, and really all I really did was run around in circles. At least it is almost over!


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