Many people have asked me about our allowance system at home because it works fairly well at our house. We use what I call “The Marble System.”


“The Marble System” started out of frustration. My children would ask for things. I would say no. They would whine. I would tell them we are not made out of money. The cycle would continue, and I would want to pull my hair from my head. Finally, I introduced them to a system that rewards them for good behavior, keeps them in line when they mis-behave, and teaches them the value of a dollar.

For us, we start out with 30 marbles at the beginning of the week. Each marble represents 10 cents. You could also make them represent nickels or some other denomination. My children have the opportunity to earn up to $3.00 a piece every week. I deduct marbles for misbehaving. I give them a warning, and then I will take a marble away for the infraction in addition to time out or whatever the punishment might be. However, I give the children the opportunity to earn marbles back by helping out with chores around the house.

At the end of the week, I count the marbles and give them their allowance accordingly. Usually, I hang onto it for them. Now when we go shopping, if they want something, they know that they have to earn it. My daughter will save for weeks to buy a toy she wants or feed her obsession of tutu skirt apparel. My son has a hard time saving his allowance, but he has learned very quickly that if he wants something, Mommy will not give him extra money towards the purchase.

We have been doing this since late spring, and it works out rather well. Yes, there are times where one or both will have a very slim allowance. However, they know  better than to ask me for more or to ask me for things when they don’t have much to spend. You can tweak this system to your own liking, but this is how it works for us!

Posted by:Misfit Mama Bear Haven

I am a homeschooling mama and pin up model of three who loves coffee, gaming, reading, and anything to do with Star Wars or Doctor Who! When I am not playing with the kids, I can be found experimenting with cooking or screaming at the tv while playing video games.

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    1. I am following you back! I could see it being a bit much with 11 kids. You could try something other than money as the reward like extra video game privelages or something special. Just a thought 🙂

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