My Week So Far…

Ok, so I had it all planned out that I was going to get back into the groove with my MEMEs and post all these wonderful things I have been working on, but as you can clearly see, I have done none of that. Instead I am slowly recovering from the latest plague to hit our house. Luckily, only two out of the four kids here got it. However, I ended up being the parent who caught it. Occupational hazard I guess.
On the plus side, I think I can now officially say that I am cured of the insomnia that has plagued me since September. Hooray for sleep! I am loving sleep so much this week that on Monday night, I went to bed right after dinner. Actually, right now I am considering going to sleep in a little while just because I can.
However, this week has not been without accomplishments. I plan on introducing my costume party kits in more detail over the next week, but I have three of them listed on the website now! This was no small feat. I am taking them in a bit different direction than I first thought. There is a possibility that I may not add a princess party to the costume party list any time soon. However, I have some others that should really spark creativity. I also have some plans for the little princess types as well. Over the next few days, I will be adding those to the website as well. I came off as pretty vague just then, didn’t I?
So yeah, that is pretty much all I have to say. I promise to be a little more exciting tomorrow! Hope you are all staying warm and dry. I heard that 49 out of 50 states have snow in them. Crazy!


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