How I spent my Friday Evening

So this past Thursday, I sent my daughter on an overnight to her godmother’s house. She was so happy that she made up songs all the way to daycare that day. However, sometime that night/early next morning, she got sick and was a pretty sad,clingy, and tired little girl. I felt bad that she became ill at her godmother’s. I mean seriously, how could I have known? The day was pretty uneventful. I stayed home and cuddled her because all she wanted was her mommy. (It is cute at first, but seriously, the girl is a whiner when she is sick unlike my son who somehow becomes adorable and sweet when he is ill.)
Things were pretty uneventful until after supper, which she did not eat. Shortly after dinner, she yakked all over my favorite chair, the very same chair that everyone seems to abuse for some reason. Seriously, I cannot have nice things, but that is a topic for another day. So my husband took her to get a bath while I got upholstery cleaner. I just got home when my husband started screaming for me to come upstairs. I thought at first he just wanted help with her and her bath, but when I realized he was frantic, I knew something was wrong. So I ran upstairs. He said that she started to throw up in the bathtub, and he was afraid she swallowed something and was choking on it. He was trying to get her to throw up. I noticed she was turning a bit blue. By this time, we were both scared out of our wits. She wasn’t breathing and was not responding to us. So we called 911. When I explained she had been in the tub and was sick, the operator said he was sending someone to the house because of fear that water may have gotten into her lungs.
I commend the police officers and EMT who came to our house. I was on the phone for less than two minutes when someone showed at our house. By this time she was breathing. The EMT guys checked her out. Basically, she did not want to throw up again so she held her breath to make sure she wouldn’t. Everyone was really nice to us. I felt bad that it turned out to be a false alarm on one hand, but on the other I was grateful for their speediness on the chance that something truly was wrong.
My stinker baby girl is feeling much better now, and I made her promise to never scare us like that again. I think if my hair was any color but blond, I would have gray hair now from the experience.
And THAT is how I spent my Friday night.


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