Exchange Students

The craziness continues

So tonight my exchange students are sitting in my office where I am “helping” them buy plane tickets for their trip to Hawaii(No I am not going too, and yes I am jealous. However that is another story for another time). I use the term help loosely because honestly I am just as confused as they are. Everything requires a primary billing address. Do you know how hard that is when the card is not issued here in the United States? Seriously, I have a headache! Between the three of us, we have no clue what they are doing. As the fearless leader here, I have failed in a most epic way!
Yes, this is just a regular night here. We are bumbling along yet again and hoping it works because I don’t want to have to call the airline company and deal with that mess. You know the one that goes: “Why is your card from another country?” And my reply goes, “Because it is not for me, it is for my host daughter.” Then of course someone has to get their manager, and I am now on hold for 45 minutes. Of course in that time, my daughter manages to spill juice all over the table and kitchen floor. Someone gets their hair pulled, and many other travesties happen as well. Do you have a headache from reading this? If not, I can go on. Seriously, the craziness here goes on and on.And yet…
…We all laugh about it. The current joke is how Lucy,Mariana, and I are going to videotape the kids and become rich from the things that come out of their mouths. Tonight my daughter said, “Mariana, I don’t believe in you.” Apparently, Mariana is a mythological creature in Sissy Girl’s mind. So I guess we must all have the same hallucination. I dunno.
Are you confused yet? Yeah, me too! I think I will stop now. The girls seemed to have worked out the airline dilemma. Now onto something else.


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