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How I met my Husband

*Ok, I tried writing this, but apparently something went wrong with saving because it didn’t save or post. So here I am trying again…
I met Carl ten years ago about this time of year. I decided to become an exchange student once again (I spent a half of a year in Bosnia while in college) and went with a handful of other to Poland to study at the University of Marie Curie-Sklodowska for a semester. Once there, we found that we were going to be lumped together with another handful of students from American universities. Carl was one of those students.
I can honestly say that I did not really like Carl when I first met him. I kinda thought he was a tool. (I later found out that he thought I was weird because I wore this purple fuzzy hoodie a lot which has been since dubbed the Cookie Monster hoodie. I got so sick of the comments that I finally gave the hoodie to my friend Jessica who I recently learned is NOT the shortest friend I have, but she is pretty darn close. However, I have just digressed into a tangent that is completely unrelated. Back to the story.) So anyways, he was pretty smart and all, and he liked a lot of things I did, like Monty Python among other things.I thought he was cute. I love geeks, and he came off kinda geeky, but that was pretty much it until the frying pan incident.
Carl had this big craving for bacon but had no frying pan, so he asked us all if we wanted to go to Leclerc, a megamart, to buy one there. I ended up being the only one to tag along because everyone else was busy, and well I hadn’t been there yet. I had tried to go one time, but I got lost and ended up in the opposite direction. It happens. Anyways…
He and I talked the whole walk there and back. He was just so easy to relate too and just different from other guys I knew. Thus began my crush on Carl, but I figured that was all it was ever going to be because I lived in Ohio. He lived in Pennsylvania, and I did not want a long distance relationship when our Poland exchange was over.
However, it wasn’t that easy. My friends Bethany and Michelle figured out that I liked him. I guess I must have been transparent or something to them. So they decided that I needed to tell him about my feelings, or they would. It was indeed a horrifying thought, so I waited and waited and waited some more. By this time, he and I were hanging out quite a bit. So one night when he walked me back to my dorm, I told him. It went something like this:
“I Like you, but I don’t know if you like me that way. That’s okay if you don’t. I still want to be your friend. Okay, I gotta go now.”
Then I rushed into the building leaving him dumbfounded. Yes, I was really smooth for a 22-year-old. Seriously, it was awful. I remember running up to Michelle and Bethany’s room to tell them that I finally did it, and inside I was shaking like crazy. Needless to say, I did not want to go to class that next day. I felt like an idiot.
So I went to class the next day, and he saw me and asked if we could go somewhere and talk after class. I said sure thinking he wanted to tell me what a weirdo I was, but actually he said that he liked me too. Score! So yeah, that sounds like the end of it right? Nope.
You see, he and I ended up going to Croatia for spring break, and then we went to Bosnia, so that I could see my friends and everyone from my cross cultural experience there. While on spring break, I broke up with him because I was scared that we would just end up breaking up once back in the states, and I just wanted to save myself the heartache. However, he was pretty persistent, and we ended up getting back together a few weeks later. We refer to it as. I love You Day. Yup, we are dorks.
At the end of May, I came back to the states not sure what was going to happen. We talked a lot online and on the phone, and he visited me a few times that summer. Then he decided to transfer to OSU in the fall which meant he would be only an hour and a half from me. I helped him find an apartment and everything. I thought it would be nice to have a place to go on weekends. However, on the first day of classes for me, I ended up in the hospital because of my heart problem. I missed a lot of school and was going to have to take the semester off, so he offered to have me live with him for the semester. It was quite different going from dating to being with each other all the time, but we both realized we loved each other quite a bit. Six months after we first said “I love you,” he proposed. We were married the following summer in 2002.
Nine years, two kids, an accident, 5 moves, and a bunch of other crap later, here we are. It is not always easy, but we are still together. And that folks is how I met my husband.


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