'Tis the Season…

…The season for PROM that is!!! For the first time in the four years I have been hosting exchange students, I have girls going to prom. Okay, so technically Mariana is going for sure, and we are kinda prodding Lucy along on this. I already booked their hair appointments, so they both have to go. Yup! It has been decided.
Ok, so you may ask why this is a big deal for me. You see, it all started back in the summer of 2005. Sissy Girl was not yet conceived, and we were looking for a bigger house because we outgrew our tiny 700 square foot townhouse rather quickly. We looked at many homes before we viewed this one. Actually, I did not even want to look at this house because I had just been denied of my dream home (which still makes me a little sad to this day). Anyways, when we first walked through the door, I fell in love with the staircase. I know, it sounds silly, but hear me out. I could just picture having a daughter walk down those stairs in her prom dress some day.
Well as it turns out, I home school. I am not sure if my daughter will go to prom someday. I am not even sure if we will be in this house when that time comes because of my husband’s job. I mean, we are looking at a good 11-12 years before this event will happen with my daughter. So instead, I get to help the girls get ready and take pictures of them coming down the staircase in their prom dresses. It makes me happy. I know, I am a big sap. Oh well. At least someone will be coming down that staircase in a dress. Works for me!


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