What did I get myself into?

For years, I have given up at least one thing for Lent, usually ice cream or something like that. It usually ends with me stuffing my face with some premium ice cream on Easter or shortly after until I have reached ice cream coma phase. (Always fun, I tell ya.) However, there was that one year where I gave up chocolate in addition to ice cream. That just ended badly, and my husband has forbidden me from ever considering it as an option. Of course, after this doozy, I think he is just going to run in terror next year.
This year, I am actually giving up a lot of things. I decided to give up things that are made with artificial ingredients, specifically snacks. I eat fairly healthy, and over the past few months, I have been trying to phase certain things from my life, such as diet colas. (I wanted to rid myself of diet soda completely, but I like a fizzy drink now and then. However, now that is gone too.) So yesterday began my 40 days of abstinence from the occasional sugary cereal, girl scout cookies, most candies, and well a lot of things that I had not considered before this decision.
Last night, my husband and I went grocery shopping as well as shopping for supplies. Like I said earlier, while I eat healthier, I was still shocked at all the things that are now off-limits. My flat bread is filled with artificial ingredients and things that I did not even think to look at earlier. I saw it as a healthier alternative to bread and went with it. I knew any of my prepackaged snacks were off-limits, but after reading labels closer, I was shocked to see what companies use in foods that are supposed to be healthier.  My rule of thumb for things has usually been, the harder it is to pronounce this ingredients, the more I probably should not eat it. I guess I must have been slacking. Also, for any of you who are health conscious, just stay away from much of the food that says reduced fat, low sugar, and fat-free. The replacements for some of that stuff is just downright awful.
So, today is day two of my pledge. I have frozen all the girl scout cookies to help me resist the temptation. I splurged on some flax blueberry granola which I have come to love because of my father-in-law. I am strongly considering buying that bread machine now. I guess this is going to be an interesting next 39 days. I will keep you all posted.



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