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Words I wish would go away

Do you ever hear someone say something, and it makes you cringe…as if the word itself is a nail on the chalkboard. Next to people chewing their gum with their mouths open, certain overused words are my next biggest pet peeve. Here are a few of the biggest offenders in my opinion. What would you add to the list?
1. Fail (especially with the word Epic in front of it)
2. Winning (Charlie Sheen is an idiot. Why would you want to use an idiot’s vocabulary)
3. Delicious (I just really hate that word. Don’t know why. I just do)
4. Flavorful (Can’t you think of something else to describe how something tastes. I heard it too much on the Food Network and from my Father-in-Law who heard it on the Food Network. Food Network stop it right now!!!)
5. Creamy (I just hate that word. Anything that you can use in regards to food and skin just kinda grosses me out and sounds cannibalistic.)
6. BFF (How many of us have just one person that we will be our best friend forever, especially if you are a girl? So misleading.)
7. Chillaxing (lame)
*P.S. Shortly after this post, my husband read this to my Father-in-Law since he was mentioned  in #4. Now they are dissing my man William the Conqueror for the decline of the English language. Hey! Don’t mess with my man William the Conqueror.  By the way, I also hate the word “dissing.” I used it in the last sentence to be ironic. So there!

3 thoughts on “Words I wish would go away”

    1. Yeah, Carl hates when I give ice cream up because it makes him miserable. While this year’s was a doozy, I can eat ice cream as long as there are no artificial ingredients in it. Funny thing is that after little over a week, I am not missing things as much as I thought I would.

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