All Aboard

As many of you know, I gave up artificial ingredients and such for Lent this year, and it has not been as easy as I thought. Even the yummy flatbread had things in it I had overlooked. However, almost two weeks later, I am still doing well at this and have decided that I think this may be a permanent lifestyle change. Okay, so maybe I might have a Girl Scout cookie now and then after this is over, but honestly, I don’t really want any of those things. Well, I would like some chocolate still, but I will find that eventually.
Funny thing about this whole thing, I have full support of my family. My son has always been a label reader, but he has become even stricter about it. The children loved my pancakes the other day with homemade Pumpkin Butter. (I did not want syrup but needed something sweet to add to them.) The children said it made the pancakes taste like pumpkin pie!  Yay!
Even my husband has been helping me with this. I think he has been helping because he wants to make sure I eat. I have been very busy the past week, and a lot of the foods are not grab and go. Needless to say, I am sick again with what I suspect to be the same nasty virus I had a few weeks ago. He made me a great Lentil Soup which I will try to get the recipe when I am better. Tonight he made me beef and noodles using homemade noodles. It was awesome!
I must say that I am pretty impressed with how well we are doing with this. I hope I get over this virus soon, and that I continue eating this way even after Lent is over. Already my pants feel a bit loose. And the biggest accomplishment of the whole thing: I went for coffee the other day with a friend and didn’t even look once at the goodies available. I was so proud of myself! Hooray!


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