Things that are awesome about being sick

In the spirit of last week’s post of 7 things, I thought I would do another. So here are  my top 7 things that don’t entirely stink about being sick:
1.  I get to sleep in: I just get to sleep all day if I want because it will hopefully make me feel better.
2. I get to catch up on all those shows in my DVR that I haven’t seen yet. Now it is empty. Bummer.
3.  I eat whatever I want. Let’s face it, if I am hungry, it is a good thing. However, I have still been able to stick to my Lenten fast.
4. My son has been extra cuddly. It is so cute that he worries about his mommy.
5. I got homemade noodle soup. Yup, my husband made the noodles and everything. It was awesome and yummy.
6. It gives me an excuse to procrastinate. At least I have a good reason as to why I am not getting any of the house projects finished.
and finally…
7. I am saving so much money on gasoline because I have been home all week. The furthest I have been is the grocery store which is behind my house. AND YES, I went in my pajamas. I just don’t care. I am sick. If someone has a problem with it, they can just go eat dirt.

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