Exchange Students

The trial run

Well the girls are finally home from Hawaii. My exchange students got the opportunity to spend a spring break in Hawaii with other exchange students that are in the U.S. (I am a bit jealous, aren’t you?) They got back last Thursday after being gone for little over a week. They have only a few months left with us, so it was a trial run of our house without them.
I can’t believe that it is Spring already, and there is only a few months left in their stay with us. The house seemed very quiet without them, and while the children stayed busy with schoolwork and trips to Nana’s, they missed their host sisters a lot. I found out after the girls returned that Bubby actually climbed into Mariana’s suitcase while she was packing. He told her that he was coming too. He still says that he is going to Brazil with her while Sissy Girl says she is going to Slovakia with Lucy.
I think we have all grown accustomed to the chaos of having a house of six people. However, I will say that bathrooms were much easier to come by while the girls were away. I did miss their company though. I have no one else to watch chick flicks with.
So last week was the trial run, and we are starting to plan our days for the next few months to enjoy each other while we can and plan for times when they can visit us again after they return to their home countries. This has been our fourth year hosting, and each time has been unique. It has definitely been a rich experience for us and the children and a fabulous way to create our own global family.


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