Exchange Students, Lesa's 7 Things

Cross Cultural 7 Things

This could probably be said if you have teenage girls too! 🙂
1. You suddenly have no bathrooms in your house. I thought we had two. Turns out that I am wrong, especially in the mornings.
2. Hair products seem to multiply with water. I thought I had a lot of hair stuff–curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers, gel, spray, etc… However, the girls put me to shame. And it seems like the amount just keeps multiplying. I don’t even know where they come from.
3. Shoes also multiply with water. The girls have almost as many as the rest of us combined. My four-year old has shoe envy. She wants more, but there is no room.
4. Hair…everywhere! I think the basement bathroom is the worst. Sometimes I think there is enough hair on the floor to start a wig shop.
5. The smell. While having teenage boys may cause the house to smell a lot like feet, teenage girls cause the house to smell sometimes like a Hollister store.
6. Nail-polish found in the strangest places, like my son’s fingernails. Yup, he has had his nails painted by the girls. So has Sissy. She kind of expects it. She plays up the cuteness. Sometimes, I think we have all been suckered by her.
7. Chick Flicks. I have seen more chick flicks since September than in my whole lifetime. I think I actually like a few of them. Oh the Horror!!!
So there you have it. One or two of these items may not necessarily mean that you have a teenage girl in your house, but if you can check off three or more from the list, you might want to call a professional! Just kidding! I really do love my girls!


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