Zebra Party!

Zebra parties are fun to attend and pretty easy to do for the Do-It-Yourselfer. It is one of my favorite parties to do, and here are some ways you can create one for your Zebra fanatic using some items from Bear Haven Boutique and other fun products I have found!
I found some really cool invitations here: http://www.celebrate-it.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/zebra-stripes-invitation.jpg
They are very colorful, you can print them for free which is awesome!
Now for decorations:
I did not find a lot of Zebra patterned decor at my usual decoration stores. So here are some ideas that might work instead.

  • Use Bright Colors. I have noticed that the Zebra themed hats and apparel all seem to use hot pink, bright blue, and neon green. So take some basic black and white plates, napkins, and plastic-ware and mix it up with brightly colored table cloths, balloons and streamers.
  • Find Pictures in magazines or color your own. Try to use some bright colors in there as well.
  • Use a Zebra Stuffed Animal as a centerpiece.

As for Games and Activities:

  • Coloring contest. This is great for smaller children and can be done while the children are first arriving. You can use the zebra coloring pictures from www.freecoloring.info.
  • Jungle Animal Bingo. I found these cool cards through www.animaljr.com.
  • Pin the Tail on the Zebra. Use one of the Zebra Coloring Pictures as your zebra. Then cut strips of black construction paper for the tail. Put tape on one side of the tail and play just like you would for Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  • Stuff a Zebra. If you buy a party pack from Bear Haven Boutique, you not only have an activity that takes about a half hour to complete, but you also have a party favor that will not be thrown away when the party is over.
  • Zebra Pinata. While I am not over the moon for Pinatas, my kids love them and so do their friends.


  • Zebra themed cake. Have a striped theme cake. If that is not possible, have a white iced cake with bright flowers. Decorate it with Oreos.
  • Striped Hershey Kisses. You can scatter them on the table and invite the guests to take them home with them as well.
  • Oreos. Dark Outside, White Middle. Perfect for a Zebra Party!


Red Zebra embellished Tutus from Bear Haven Boutique!
Red Zebra embellished Tutus from Bear Haven Boutique!

  • Special Birthday Tutus like the red one pictured above! They make for great photo props and can be used for dress up for the party and as party favors too!
  • Goodie Bags. If you don’t use one of our kits for a birthday activity and favor, you can always put together your own bags. You can include things like Zebra Beanie Babies, Animal Silly Bandz, bubbles, stickers, and striped Hershey Kisses.

If you are planning a Zebra Birthday Party and find this information useful, I would love to hear how it turns out for you! Also if you have any other ideas, please feel free to share them! Happy Partying!


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