Geesh, when did that happen?

Ok, I just got done looking at my niece B’s prom pictures and realized that she is no longer a little girl with cute little puffy cheeks. Granted, I have known that she is not a little girl for a long time. Gone are the days that I can get Bratz Dolls and Barbies for her for gifts. She lost the puffy cheeks a long time ago, but sometimes it  seems like my nieces are getting too big too fast.
A few weeks ago, I took my niece T to get her nails done for her birthday. She just turned 12. I remember her when she was so small and full of spunk. (She did a pole dance at my wedding reception at my parents’ house and walked down the aisle with her hand on her hip big as you please.) She is still full of spunk, but she is not a baby anymore. And I am left saying, “Geesh, when did that happen?”
The same goes for my niece M who is in the middle of the 2. I used to love to cuddle her as a baby. I missed that part with B because she joined the family as a toddler when her mother married my brother, which I thought was awesome since I was adopted too. I also missed the first few months of T’s life because I was in another country. However, I was there when M was small. I was so proud to be an aunt. I am still proud to be an aunt. M makes me laugh. She was always more of a tomboy but never said anything when her Aunt Lesa would buy her dolls. Now she is taller than me. Stop growing, darn it!
I hate living so far away because I feel like I am missing it all. Thank goodness for texting and Facebook because that is how we keep in touch. Every time I see them, I am reminded of how short childhood really is. One of them is driving. Two of them are teenagers. None of them really play with toys anymore. The oldest just went to prom. In a few years, she will graduate, then the next one, and then the next one. Soon, they will be all grown up, and the cute chubby baby faces are but a distant memory.
However, I am so very proud of them, of all my nieces and nephews. I don’t want them to grow up too fast, but when I see what wonderful young ladies my nieces are becoming, it makes me proud that I am their aunt.


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