Exchange Students

Almost over

In less than a month one of my students will be leaving to go back to Brazil. The other will be staying until after recital. It has been a long year, but I have learned a lot, sometimes more than I wanted to learn.
We will be hosting another girl in the fall, but only one student for the next school year. As much as I love the girls, it is just too hectic to host two students next year. Also with my husband home, we don’t have enough room in our car either.
However, I will miss the girls when they leave. I will not miss all of their shoes and hair supplies, but I will miss them. My children will miss them too. I think Sissy will be lost for a while without her “sisters.” The thing is though that technology is a great thing. It is not like we will not have contact with them. There is Facebook, Skype, email, You Tube videos. Technology has exploded since I was an exchange student.
When I studied in Poland, I had two methods of talking to my family: email and short phone calls. I had one method of talking to my friends: AOL Instant Messenger. I would buy a calling card and get about 5 minutes of call time with my parents, and I didn’t do it often because it was expensive. My mom used to email me from my older brother’s house. However, my mom, God love her, did not understand that the keyboard of the computer was just like one of a typewriter. So her emails tended to look something like this.


Imagine extremely long emails like this! It would take me days to decipher them. However, I was happy she wrote. As I said before, my friends and I chatted through Instant Messenger. However, that could get expensive because I had to go to an internet cafe on campus every time I wanted to talk to them. I will say though that it was cheaper than a phone call. Once one of my best friends called my mom while I was chatting with her so that we could talk to each other using her as a go-between. My how things have changed in ten years. (I suddenly feel old.)
So even though the girls are soon leaving, it will be a lot easier to talk to them than it used to be, and cheaper too! I hope they have had a fun time here. We will definitely miss them.


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