Adding Color to my world

Today is a big day for me. Today, I am changing my wardrobe. I have been going through a lot of my clothing and getting it ready for the consignment shop and our upcoming garage sale. It has come to my attention that most of my wardrobe is black or dark-colored. While my wardrobe is quite fabulous, as I love being trendy, it also makes me feel like I am hiding myself with all these dark colors. Right now, I am really working on just being comfortable with myself because if I don’t love myself as I am, then it doesn’t matter how much weight I lose. I will never be happy with myself  if I cannot be happy with myself now. For years the dark colors have been my safety net. Even when I was younger and thinner, dark colors were my preferred choice.
So today, armed with coupons and a few ideas, I am off to add some color to my life. My children are coming with me and have been instructed to not let mommy pick up anymore black shirts. Wish me luck! I am gonna need it!


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