Can I tell you a secret?

I am not SuperMommy. I have a lot of people who seem to think I am, but honestly, I do struggle getting everything done sometimes, especially lately.
As most of my readers and friends know, I was sick for a few months this year. I am doing better, but I am still not running at one hundred percent yet. Also, as much as I love having my husband home, having him coming home has thrown off my schedule. Between the two, I still haven’t gotten everything figured out yet. The first couple months he was home, we were all just trying to get used to each other again. He was gone most of the time for 2 and a half years for work, and that last year, he was gone over 300 days.
That being said, I still manage to get things done. However, I am starting to say no more often. It is hard for me to say that word. I love to be busy. However, sometimes, it is too much. I am starting to realize it, and hopefully I can continue to give myself the kick in the butt I need from time to time.
So about the stuff I am working on:
Honestly, I am very excited. Right now, it all seems like a lot. I am working on different party plans and product placement for my store. I am getting things ready to have a celebration for being in business four years. I am homeschooling my two children and am so impressed with their intelligence (although I am not surprised). I recently volunteered my knowledge to help with building a website for a local organization that is working to promote community. Plus there are the children’s activities as well as my exchange students’ activities. At the end of the day, I am exhausted and sometimes frustrated that I didn’t get more done, but that is life.
So yes, I am not Supermommy. My secret is that I am not as organized and put together as some think. However, I like what I am doing. I am working at being more organized, and maybe some day, I will take over the world! (but totally not in a Dr. Evil sort of way. That would just be weird)


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