Summer Party Problems and Solutions

Earlier this week, I posed the following question on Bear Haven Boutique’s Facebook page: What is your biggest obstacle in planning a summer birthday party? As a mother of two with summer birthdays (June 18 and June 21), it has always been difficult in planning a party for them.
Since the birth of Sissy Girl (who is 3 years younger than Bubby), I have planned joint birthday parties for them. It is a lot easier for us  and our family to just do one party. Plus, they share a lot of the same friends. However, picking a date is a nightmare. With a June birthday, our obstacles include: graduations, weddings, recitals (including my children’s since it is later in June), and vacations since a lot of our friends take vacations in June. My children love having a birthday party, especially since their mommy is a children’s party planner. However, I have to be flexible in planning it if we actually want to have our friends and family there.
This year, I broke down and changed the date of the party. I planned it for June 11 originally because I wanted to make sure our exchange students could be there. However, the date did not work for any of our family nor most of their friends. So after a lot of consideration, I changed the invitations last night. However, if you are planning on going that route, you may want to send your invites through Evite because it makes changes a lot easier. I do not recommend using Facebook as your sole way of sending invites for any party because half the people I know never check it anyways.
This date change seems to have worked well because I have already gotten feedback saying this date works for a lot more of their friends which is awesome because I think this year’s theme is going to be tons of fun. However, if you don’t want to be in a position that would make you potentially switch the date, here is another idea that has worked for some of my clients:
Have the party in May or September. This is a great solution if you want to make sure all your child’s classmates are invited. Some people like to do that. Some people don’t. Also, you don’t have to worry so much about  heat, graduations, vacations, or many of the other obstacles that summer party planners face. I did consider this for this year. However, I have been so busy trying to catch up from being sick that I could not add anything else to my plate.
So if you are planning a summer birthday party, be flexible. Also know that things may not turn out the way you want them to turn out. Also, if you are planning on having an outdoor party, make sure you have a back up location. You never know what the weather will do.


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