My daughter has an obsession, and her name is Rebecca Bonbon. But who is Rebecca Bonbon? Well read on, and I will tell you.

Rebecca Bonbon is the creation of Yuko Shimizu, the creator of Hello Kitty. Rebecca Bonbon is a cute, loveable French Bulldog who was born in Paris but adopted by an American. She loves to shop and travel, and she lives in a posh apartment in New York City. Although the brand was launched in 2006, the Rebecca Bonbon fashion brand did not debut in North America and Europe until 2010.

Sissy Gone Bon Bon!


Rebecca Bonbon can only be found at select Kmarts and Sears. They carry a whole line of fashion for little girls and juniors as well as bedding, accessories, handbags, and plush. My daughter’s Bonbon collection includes pajamas, shirts, a swimdress, and the swimsuit she is wearing in the photo on the right. (For her birthday, she is hoping to get a Rebecca Bonbon stuffed animal, a hat, and a handbag.) My daughter is absolutely wild about the french bulldog and cannot wait to see what kinds of fashions are in store for the fall. I like it because it is affordable and wears well.

If you would like more information about Rebecca Bonbon, visit her website. Don’t forget to check out the fun and addictive game there as well. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter!




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