(I can’t get this problem out of my head, so I thought it would be a good topic for discussion)

Today was my children’s birthday party. It went pretty well, I think, especially considering that I lost my son’s homeopathic remedy before the party. Therefore, he wasn’t quite himself for much of the party, but we managed. Anyways, what has bothered me for most of the day is that we didn’t invite the neighbor boy from down the street, and it was not an oversight. I didn’t invite him because his sister scratched my car, and ever since then, I really have not wanted them at my house. This little boy has also been known to break toys and use language that my children do not use. This was the first year I used the backyard for a party, and he saw that we were having a party. So he asked if he could come. My husband and I told him no.

Actually, we told him that what we were doing required the children’s parents to be present, but still it was a no. I feel bad about it. I have written a post about this subject a while ago. I didn’t want to invite him because I didn’t want to have to watch him the whole party. Also, I did not want his sister to come for the party either since she is destructive. However, it was one of the worst feelings in the world to tell a child that he could not come, to know he is seeing other children having fun, but he could not be a part of it. However, I really do not want my children hanging around with him either. My son’s behavior changes when he is around him. I would rather my son be surrounded by boys that are more like his friends who were at the party.

The worst part came after the party. I was putting things away, and he stopped by. He asked my son why he was not allowed at the party. I overheard the conversation and told him it was because his parents weren’t there. How could I just say that it is because I did not trust him and did not want to babysit him.

Has anyone else been in this situation? If so, what did you do?

Posted by:Misfit Mama Bear Haven

I am a homeschooling mama and pin up model of three who loves coffee, gaming, reading, and anything to do with Star Wars or Doctor Who! When I am not playing with the kids, I can be found experimenting with cooking or screaming at the tv while playing video games.

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