Boys are icky, Girls have Cooties

Recently, I have become aware of a change in my children’s thinking: the dreaded cootie phase. Not too long ago, the kids would play together with their friends and their sibling’s friends, and it was great! Lately, however, this is the story I hear:

Me: “How was Sunday School?”

Bubby: “It was okay, but you know what they did? They made us play Duck, Duck, Goose!”

Me: “Well that sounds like fun!”

Bubby: ” They made us play with the girls! I don’t like girls! They have cooties!”

Sissy Girl isn’t as bad about it, as a few of her favorite playmates are boys, but she has on occasion told me that other boys are “yucky.”

Yeah… interesting age right now. However, I am not particularly looking forward to the days where they want to date a boy or girl, so maybe I shouldn’t complain!

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