7 reasons why Mommyhood is like High School

So the other night I had this dream, it is a recurring theme actually, and it got me to thinking about the significance of it. In my dream, I find out that something was wrong with my high school credits, and I have to go back to high school to take a few classes over. I guess it is slightly humorous considering I graduated at the top of my class with honors, but I digress.
Anyways, the dream got me thinking about how much motherhood is a lot like high school.  Think about it, being a mother definitely has its similarities. Here are my top seven:
1. Popularity. You end up finding yourself amongst a bunch of cliques, whether it is playgroups, the moms at your child’s dance class, or the parents at your child’s preschool. It is like the whole popularity schtick all over again.
2.Education.  When you were in high school, you worried about getting into the right college. Now you worry about your child getting into the right preschool.
3. Dating. You date in highschool, and then you find yourself “dating” as a mommy. You are looking for someone who could be “the one.” In this case, however, “the one” is the person you actually share interests with, other than being a mommy, and your children actually like to play together too.
4. Parties. It used to be that you hoped you were invited to the parties by the “cool kids” just to say you went. Now it is all about your child getting invited to one of those over-the-top birthday parties just to say your child went.
5. Drama. High School was always full of drama and gossip. Not much change here. There is always some sort of Mommy Drama going on. It is so hard to keep up.
6. Who has the coolest car? is now Who has the coolest toys?
7. Packing your life so full with stuff that you constantly feel like you need a nap. In high school, it was all the sports, clubs, job, and homework. Now it is all your child’s sports, clubs, your job, and helping with homework.
So those are my reasons. Can you think of any more?



  1. thisisalfred
    July 20, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Hah, I have that same dream about HS all the time. I also graduated with honors… so I’m left wondering, what in the world does that dream mean? Finishing HS was never something I worried about. hrm.

    • bearhaven
      July 20, 2011 at 8:37 pm

      It was never something I worried about either. I think the only thing worse than this dream is the one where I show up for class but can’t find my clothes.

  2. geminigirl0608
    July 20, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Mommy Drama… so much of it. That is why I have no friends. Just Kidding!

    • bearhaven
      July 21, 2011 at 12:38 am

      lol. For the longest time after becoming a Mom, I did not have a lot of gal pals. They were all guys, so there wasn’t as much drama.

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