Robot Birthday Party

By Jenny Plassio
Jenny is a mother of two and one of the craftiest women I have ever met. She helps with craft projects at my local MOPS. When she said what she was doing for her son’s birthday, I asked her to share it with my readers. Thank you so much Jenny for taking the time to share with us!!!  Jenny took a lot of pictures, and I wanted to be able to share them as well!
How I made a 6th birthday robot party.

Welcome Signs

As with any party that I plan, first we come up with a theme for the party. This year’s was robots! My son Enzo loved working on his party this year. This is the first time that he really helped, which was pretty cool. So now you have a theme chosen, next think about what you would like to have at your party. For example: we made gift bags with some special treats inside (more information to follow later), special signs, thought about the food, etc… you get the idea.
Invitations: Now for the invitations for this year, we did our invitations electronically and sent them via email, which saves on stamps and printing cost. It worked great with Nino’s party and it went just a well with Enzo’s party. Enzo even chose what sounds he could add to the invitation and he loved it. We have card software which with capabilities in creating an electronic file to send out via email. If you do not happen to have software to create a card you can use Word or even check online for some free sites like Evitethat you can use to send your invitations via email. I really like creating my own invitations and sending them via email because it is so simple.
Nuts and Bolts Treat Bags

  Now for decorations and gift bags: Pretty much in my family once an event is over for this year they start talking about next years party, so I get to thinking about it all year. Well I know for most you don’t have that option and I’m thinking as Enzo gets older he may be changing his mind more. You really don’t need a lot of time to make decorations and gift bags, but I’m on the look out through out the year if I see something that may work I might get it depending on what the item is. I also use the internet to get a lot of my ideas or to see how I can take their ideas and make them mine. You gotta love the internet for idea surfing. Now since I was working on two parties so close together I pretty much did the same things with a few exceptions.
Robot Pillow

I found fabric with robots on it and  ended up making pillows and stuffed robots for everyone’s gift bags, which were a big hit. Then I went to a craft store to check out their scrap paper and found some paper that I could use for making tags and other decorative items. Just a few sheets is all that is needed. I always check out Oriental Trading Company as they always have something to go with your theme. They have rubber duckies in just about any theme imaginable. Then I tried to find one more item to put in the gift bag. This time it was wooden stamped robots that they could color.
You can also add a little snack to go in the bags I found online this nuts and bolt’s snack bag idea and just used labels and a stamp to make tags for the bags. As for the gift bags, I’ve had great success in finding bags at Target in their dollar section at the front of the store, but this year they didn’t have too much to choose from. I found a deal on fabric and had my mother-in-law help me out this year by making bags with the fabric. You don’t have to go that route, you can just get some plain bags and decorate them with the kids help or the birthday boy/girl’s help. I know that Enzo had fun creating new ideas of robots to draw on some of the extra bags.
Robot Signs

As for decorations, I really try not to go over board which is so easy to do. I had a few items that went with the theme, and the rest was just using Enzo’s favorite color and some non-themed items. For example, Enzo likes red, so the signs that we printed were all red. I got red stars as well as for the non-themed items. I picked up my table clothes and anything else that I needed from the Dollar Tree. I also shopped at some discount grocery stores which is a great place to get napkins, plastic silverware and plates. You don’t have to go with theme napkins and plates, plus you can use the leftovers for another time which is a great way to save.
Watermelon Robot

Food: You don’t have to crazy with food. I have in the past and really didn’t get a chance to enjoy previous parties. So this year we had made pasta and bread for Nino’s party, and we just froze it for Enzo’s, which worked out great. Then all I had to get was some salad items and a watermelon. I found a link to make a watermelon robot. Now they had a lot extra items to buy to make the robot, but I searched my kitchen and found what would work for the robot. Everyone loved it and never knew that I didn’t follow the instructions exactly. I do that a lot: I find an idea and use what I have on hand.
Robot Pinata

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a great party or even go overboard on a theme. Just have a few items to go with the theme and everything else just falls in place. Just remember that it’s not what you spend, it’s how you spend your day with the special people in your life that matters. Enjoy and loves ;0)

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Robot Cake and a Happy Birthday Boy!

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