Circus Party- Stuff a Plush Style!

Bear Haven Boutique makes custom party invites like the one below:


For a Children’s Circus Party, think bright, colorful, and over-the-top! Red and White Streamers work great and go along way. Also plan on using lots of balloons.

If you can find any circus posters, that would be great. However, you can also create your own posters and personalize them for your child. Get creative! For centerpieces, you can use popcorn containers, which you can get at a kitchen or restaurant supply store, along with candy circus peanuts (or real peanuts if no one has peanut allergies), and if you can find some paper tickets, your can scatter them about or make a centerpiece like this one from One Charming Party.


Our Elephant Kits are great for Circus parties! Just add some circus peanuts for extra fun!

Have different¬† “booths” available. You can decorate them with colorful tablecloths or streamers. If you are doing this as a stuff a plush party, you can give tickets to the winners, and the children with the most tickets get the first pick of animals. If you are not doing this as a Stuffable Animal Party, you can have small prizes set aside, and when the games are done, the children can redeem their tickets for prizes. Here are some games you may want to try:

  • Jelly Bean Guessing Jar: Fill a jar with Jelly Beans. Have the children guess how many and write their answers on a piece of paper. Whoever guesses the closest, gets the jelly beans.
  • Feed the Elephant: Using a cardboard box, decorate an elephant and create a hole for his mouth. Have the children stand a distance away and give each child 3-5 circus peanuts. The child must try to get the peanuts in the hole. Whoever gets the most in the Elephant’s mouth is the winner.
  • Simon Says. Simon Says is a fun game where the kids can get goofy
  • Pin the Nose on the Clown. Using poster board, make a round face and decorate your clown. Even if you are not a great artist, just make sure it has a bit of color. You can use a paper plate to trace for the face. Then cut out smaller round pieces out of red construction paper for the noses. Play like Pin the tail on the Donkey.
  • “Lion Tamer” Musical Chairs. Using Circus music, (If you don’t want to spend money for music, try Pandora¬† and type in “Circus Music”), have the children act like animals while walking around the chairs. When you stop the music, announce, “The circus is over!” The children must try to find a seat like musical chairs.

You could also add face painting, bubble blowing, and balloon animals if you would like as well for more entertainment.
If you are doing this party as a Circus Stuff A Plush Party, have a table ready for stuffing animals and decorating bags. Follow the instructions with the kits. If you are doing this carnival style, have the children redeem their tickets for small prizes like vinyl animals, small stuffed animals, or other goodies that you find.

  • Hotdogs or Corndogs
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton Candy
  • Colorful Fruit bowls that look like sweet treats
  • Frozen Bananas
  • Cupcakes

One Charming Party has some great printables for cupcake toppers that you can download for free.
A Children’s Circus Party might take some prep work, but it is fun for children of all ages! If you have any additional ideas, please feel free to share them, and if you try this party, I would love to see your pictures!


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