What a week!

So last week the family and I were all on vacation in Cape May, NJ. I love it down there in the off-season. We never go during high tourist season, mainly because we like things a bit more quiet. Luckily for us, my husband got to join us for a few days of it, but he had to leave again as soon as we got back home.
My son was feeling under the weather this weekend, and now I am sick too. So I feel like we are behind on everything. This weekend is a huge festival in town. So, of course, I want everything to be perfect. At this point, I know everything won’t be perfect, but I still think it will be pretty good. The kids are really missing their dad. I had to deal with a big problem this week. I somehow screwed up the new desk chair we got while putting it together. Plus, the front storm door handle fell off, and I don’t know how to fix it.  I think I need another vacation!
However, it is not all bad. I have been able to conduct a lot of business from my sofa. My kids are playing better together. They have been letting me rest a little bit. My son is really trying to be my little helper, even though some of his efforts need to be re-directed. Food has not been the healthiest this week, but the kids are happy with what we have had. (They had pizza twice in a week, so I guess that is pretty good for them.)
So what am I getting at here? I guess I am saying that this whole thing with my husband being away kinda stinks. However, we have managed. I still feel sick, but I will get better. I hope my husband will be able to fix the mess I made of the desk chair. At least I didn’t try to fix the door!
It is taking a bit to get used to this new schedule. While I don’t like it, I am feeling confident in managing everything. Also, I have talked to friends this week, which always helps.
So my question to any of you who have partners who are frequently away is this: what do you do to get through rough patches when your significant other is away?


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