Why the Tooth Fairy Scares Me

Some people are afraid of the Boogie Man. As for me, I am terrified by the Tooth Fairy. Yes, the Tooth Fairy! I mean seriously, the whole idea is kinda creepy. Think about it for a moment: She comes into a child’s room at night and takes their teeth! Sure, she gives them money, but what the heck does she want with the teeth? Is there some sort of black market for teeth? Does she grind them up and make a tea out of them?
My son, of course, thinks she is awesome. He has lost 4 teeth total and has a lot of loose ones right now. We have been joking that if he loses anymore, we will have to feed him baby food. Of course, I think the reasons my son thinks the Tooth Fairy is cool is because of the money part and because of shows like Fairly Odd Parents. Apparently, I am the weird one who used to lie awake at night thinking of things like this when I was a kid, wondering if she would return after all my baby teeth were gone and take my other ones. Yes folks, I had a very wild and active imagination.
So yeah… Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are cool in my book, but there is just something not right with a character that goes around collecting teeth, even if she does leave money in their place. It is just creepy and kinda sounds like the start of a horror movie. Ok, no more scary movies for this girl!
Am I the only one creeped out by this?



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