Winter Wonderland Party Part 2

By Stefanie Slater, Bear Haven Mama Contributor
Our Winter Wonderland Party continues! What I LOVE the most about throwing a Winter Wonderland Party in December is that it is very budget-friendly. The month of December is usually a time that you do tend to spend more money. Whether you are out shopping to get all the gifts to put under the tree, or you are throwing holiday parties, December is a time to spend. So why should you have to spend a fortune on a birthday party?
The same goes for the treats. Instead of sending home store bought candy and buying large bags of candy to split up into the goodie bags, you can make your own! Disney Family Fun as great recipes for making cookies and more that we think would be great to include for a Winter Wonderland Party. Wrap them up with a few special gifts, and you have special treats for all of the kids!

There are so many ideas! We really love the Elves Snicker doodles from Disney Family Fun. The picture above is from Disney Family Fun. They are eye-catching, and are very easy to make! You can always find recipes for snicker doodles online. Simply roll them up into a ball before you place them on the cookie sheet. Decorate and use food coloring to give each cookie their color. Even better, the kids can help with the decorating. Your birthday boy or girl will be thrilled to be the creator of the their party.


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