Family Holiday Traditions

By Stefanie Slater, Bear Haven Mama Contributor
We all have our own Christmas Traditions. There may be a family that drives 100 miles every single year to see their family for Christmas. Another family may stay at home and roast marshmallows in the fireplace or a bon fire. Another family may have other traditions that they do every single year, but in the end they all are the same. Each and every family is spending time with their loved ones, and is doing something that means so much to each other.
A tradition that was started years ago with my husband and I was slightly different. On Christmas Eve, the family all sits down and enjoy a great meal. Not just any meal…my husband will get the best items to cook up and we feast. Surf and turf is a favorite of ours, and we all laugh and sit around the table sharing smiles and talk about the holidays and watch the little ones get more and more excited about Santa visiting the next day. So what is so important about Christmas Eve to us?
I came home from work late one night. I remember how busy we were and I was just so tired. At the time my husband and I lived with roommates, but as I opened the door, the house was filled with silence. I figured I would head to bed and try to catch up on my sleep. As I walked towards the room, I noticed that I was being led my rose petals. I had to look twice because I really thought I was the only one in the house.  As I walked closer, I realized a package on my bed that was the size of a jewelry case. So what do you think it was? Yes! It was an engagement ring! That Christmas Eve was the beginning of many that we celebrate one of our anniversaries!
Our traditions mean so much to us, and we always will continue them each and every year. What tradition do you have that means so much to you and your family?


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