Yup, it must be winter…

  …because I am just now finally over being sick. I spent the last couple weeks down for the count with a sinus infection. Honestly, I think I jinxed myself because I had been bragging about how my immune system had been doing pretty well for a change. (If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I have a horrible immune system and am sick…a lot.)
Luckily, I have been having Stefanie fill in for me on the blog, and she has had some great ideas the past couple weeks! Also, I have added little things here and there. No, I did not post the rest of the Princess Party How To, but I will have that up by tomorrow sometime and also a new party idea up by the end of the weekend.
However, it has not been all bad. My husband is still home, so he has helped hold down the fort. I have gotten to do my favorite illness pastime: Super Mario RPG! I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet, but I have had fun playing it. AND I have gotten to wear jammies all day long without guilt! That there is a little slice of heaven.
I hope all of my readers are staying healthy! What do you do to keep your immune system rockin’ during the winter, and what do you do when you are really sick (besides sleep)? I can’t be the only one that plays Super Mario RPG or any one of the Paper Mario games when sick, can I?


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