Princess Party Fun Part 2

In my last Princess Party post, I gave some examples of what kinds of games and activities you can do for a party. In this post, I will cover the rest of the details, so that you can create a fabulous party for your little princess!

  For invitations, you make some neat princess party invitations that look like scrolls, use pretty handwriting or a cursive font, and then seal them with a princess sticker and a ribbon.

Purple, pink, and white streamers are a good start. If you are very crafty, perhaps you could construct a throne for your Royal Highness. Balloon chandeliers are a nice touch as well. Add pinks and purples for the table linens and tableware. Check the local party supply places for colorful plastic goblets as well.

  Another fun decoration is this wonderful Cupcake Liner Pomander I found through Kara’s Party Ideas! Not only are they easy to make, but they make great centerpieces as well! Plus, you can use ribbon and hang some of them as well instead of balloons. The key is to be creative and elegant.

Finger foods are nice for this kind of party, just nothing real messy if the guests will be dressed up. You could try a fruit buffet in lieu of a candy buffet. Line up some nice glass bowls with colorful  already cut fruit for the guests. Veggie trays are nice as well. Pink lemonade makes a nice thirst quencher for this party.
As for the princess birthday cake, I found an awesome tutorial. Just click on the picture below:

Party Favors:
If you went with the Stuffable Animal Kits from Bear Haven Boutique as one of your party activities, then you already have your party favors. However, you can always add pretty hair clips, little rings, stickers, bracelets, and other little trinkets as well.
I hope you found this party guide to be helpful! If you have planned a princess party, what has worked for you? I would love to hear any suggestions.


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