Lego Party

by Sarah Dye Bear Haven Mama Contributor. Sarah is our newest contributor. She is currently studying Early Childhood Education
Lego Parties are starting to gain popularity, and here is how you can create one for your child from start to finish.
One cute idea for an invitation that your child can hand out is to write your information on actual Legos. See following picture from Junk Mail Gems . You can use a hot glue gun to glue the Legos together so that your invitation won’t fall apart. Or you can send the guests the pieces and then they’ll have to put it together to read the invitation.

Picture from Junk Mail Gems

Or you can find a great printable one here if you are feeling crafty!
However, if you want something simple, you could always purchase invites like this one from Birthday Express.
The next big thing to think about is the cake. Make a Lego cake very simply by making the cake of your child’s choice in a rectangle and make two cupcakes to put on top to make the whole cake look like a Lego.
After you have the cake down the next thing to think about is what you’re going to do at this party to keep the children occupied!

Lego race- see who can build the highest Lego tower in one minute

Lego Jar- fill a small jar with Legos and have the children guess how many are in there. The child who guesses closest gets the jar.

Lego Car Race- have the children build their own Lego car (they can keep the car later) and have them race their cars

Lego Scavenger Hunt- Hide Legos in an area and have the children search for them. For older children each color can be worth a certain number of points. Hide less of the higher pointed colors and make them harder to find for a more challenging game.

Lego Story- Have the children sit in a circle with a pile of Legos in the middle. Have a child put four Legos together, each child adding four more Legos to the structure. After you’ve gone around the circle a couple times, have the children make up a story for the object they just created.

Lego Chopsticks- make chopsticks out of the Lego rods by tying the ends together with a rubber band. Have two sets of chopsticks. Get two bowls of random small objects, putting 5-10 small Legos in the mix. Have the children form two teams. They have to sort through the objects with the chopsticks and pick up a Lego, putting it in a second bowl on the side. After the child finds one Lego he must go tag the next person on his team. The first team to get all of the Lego pieces wins a small Lego prize

Piñata- find a simple rectangle piñata and glue construction paper circles on to make it look like a Lego. Or you can buy one from Amazon.
The first decoration is little Legos that can that you can hang from your ceiling. Cut out rectangles out of card stock or construction paper, and then cut out circles that are small enough so that you can fit 2 on the rectangle. Then tape them to the rectangle to make your Lego. Make a bunch of these in different colors and hang them from your ceiling to give the room that party atmosphere.

The next decoration is signs to hang around the room. Use small Lego boards and use Legos to write your message such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or the age of your child.
Every good party needs balloons. For your special Lego balloons, buy regular helium balloons and use big white stickers to make them polka-dotted. You can also use letter stickers to write words on them such as ‘Lego’ or your child’s name.

Table cloths can be polka-dotted as well to fit in with the Lego theme.

You can also spread Lego garland around the room by getting clear tubing from your local hardware store and filling it with mini Legos.
Party Favors:
The last thing to worry about is the party favors. For the bags you can use yellow bags and then use black paint to paint on the face of the Lego man. Fill the bag with any goodies desired nestled in a pile of Legos of all different shapes and sizes.
Have you done a Lego Party? Do you have any other ideas? If so, please share! We love hearing from you!
For additional information on how to do a Lego Party, please check out the following sites:



  1. Jeanne
    May 31, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Wonderful idea’s!!My son wants a Lego party for his 10th birthday!
    I will be checking into these idea’s!

    • bearhaven
      June 1, 2012 at 2:49 am

      My pleasure! If you do a Lego party, please feel free to share thoughts or pictures!

  2. Panama
    June 11, 2012 at 3:58 am

    The boys had a blast with this one! I divided them up into two teams (they had to pick either a red lego or a blue lego from a bag to determine which team they were on) and lined them up. There were two bowls at each end of the yard… an empty bowl by the team, and a bowl full of legos in their color on the other side. They had to run across the yard and put one lego at a time on a spoon and run back and put it in their bowl and then pass the spoon on to the next player. Once the last person was finished then the first person ran again. They did this until one of the teams got all of the LEGOs in their bowl! They probably could’ve played this a couple more times, but we were running short on time since they had played LEGO Star Wars for so long earlier!

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