I apologize for not writing in a while. I have been pretty busy with the new store, parties, and everything else. However, today I took some time to bake with my daughter, and we did a little experimenting with cake mixes, so I thought I would share this yummy treat with all of you who may want something sweet with  fewer calories!


1 box cake mix (We used the Funfetti Cake Mix)

1 cup applesauce (We used Motts Granny Smith Applesauce)

Pre-heat at 350 degrees. Add your cake mix to your mixing bowl. Add applesauce. Mix as directed by box and bake as directed on box in a greased pan. The cake will be a bit dense, but oh my goodness, is it moist! Sissy and I thought it was absolutely fabulous! Enjoy!

Easy and delicious!


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  1. I love this idea because I have a sister who is allergic to eggs – we sometimes do the can of pop substitute, but now I can tell her about this new, easy, and healthy alternative. Thanks!

    1. Happy to help. I have never tried the pop alternative, but using applesauce and Miracle Whip as substitutes have been my favorites.

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