wordful wednesday

You break it, he fixes it!

This week’s not-so Wordless Wednesday comes from our holiday fun! Bubby wanted his own tools, just like Daddy. This year, Santa brought him a set that came complete with a hard hat, suspenders, gloves, and a tool belt. He loves his real tools, and he loves dressing up and pretending to be Mr. Fix It along with his assistant, Sissy Girl.
What fun things have your kids done this week?
bubby pic

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  1. 🙂 My son got a real tool set from Santa too! He tried to remove a screw from his cubby house with the claw end of the hammer, thinking it was a nail, and broke the metal head off the metal and rubber wrapped handle!!! Well. At least we know he’s strong… right. 🙂

    1. Strong indeed! My son hasn’t tried to remove anything…yet. He just goes around inspecting the house and sometimes asks his sister to take notes 🙂

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