Just Between Friends Sale is coming to Reading this weekend!

All this for $75!!!

Check out my fat loots. This is the pile of stuff I got from the Just Between Friends Sale that starts Thursday, April 11 and runs through Saturday, April 13 at the Reading Expo Center. If you haven’t checked out this event and you have kids, I really urge you to go check it out this weekend. If you aren’t local, please click here to find out where your nearest event is. As a newbie to the sale, I thought I would give all my readers who have never attended an overview and some tips on how to shop the sale!
so much stuff! It just goes on and on!
so much stuff! It just goes on and on!

The sale in Reading is in its fifth year and has over 600 consignors participating this year. You can find everything from baby and children’s clothes to games, toys, strollers, furniture, bikes, and books. If it is baby or kid related, you will find it there and in great amounts! It is very well-organized. When I first entered, the people at the registers were ready to go, the clothing was separated and easy to find. All sections were marked, and there was even a hold area, so that you can place your full baskets or large children’s furniture there while you finish shopping. I was really impressed how everything was run.
This was my first time I have ever gone to anything like this. I was a little sure what to expect. I had read on the website that I should bring laundry baskets to carry my items. However, here are some things I learned today that will make your trip easier.
bring something to put your stuff in. I fashioned mine from an old scarf and a laundry tub
bring something to put your stuff in. I fashioned mine from an old scarf and a laundry tub


  • wear comfortable shoes. Also, dress comfortably. There is so much to go through, and you will want to take your time
  • Laundry Baskets with a rope for a handle are great for dragging your bargains around the building. I saw a few people who used wheeled clothing racks and also the big totes, like the ones you get from 31 Gifts.
  • Don’t bring a bulky purse. If you have a small backpack purse or a crossbody, you will be in great shape.
  • Take your time. It took me about 2 hours to get everything I wanted, but I seriously could have spent another hour or two more.
  • Make a list. There is so much there that making a list helps you focus.
  • Have fun! Half the fun of going to one of these is the hunt. The other is fun!

The sale starts at 9am on Thursday and runs until 8pm. Friday’s hours are 9am-8pm. Saturday is 8am-6pm and is 50% off day.
I had a great time today and am looking forward to the next one. Please feel free to share any additional tips in the comments below!


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