What's your morning bathroom routine?

b45fdd772cf34c3aaa694ba8e3fdf27fWith the addition of a baby comes some changes in my morning routine. For the first few weeks, my strategy was to comb my hair and brush my teeth as quickly as possible. My skin care regime went by the wayside, and if I had to go out of the house, I tried to do what I could in five minutes or less because the baby was pretty colicky.
Now that she is eight weeks old, things in the getting ready department are fairly back to normal. I have a bouncer for her that I can put in the bathroom. I also tweaked some things to make getting ready easier.
First, I got a new hair cut. I have been growing my hair out for over two years, and while it is fairly long, it is also limp and constantly needs work. By having my stylist add layers and having a blunt bang, it takes a comb through, and maybe a bit of hairspray, and it is ready to go. I also use dry shampoo on a regular basis. When my hair is mostly dry, I apply some, and it helps keep the oil down. I apply a bit in the roots and near my bangs on days I don’t wash my hair, and it looks great.
For skin care, I have been trying to keep it simple by reducing steps. I go for a cleanser and toner all-in-one. Then I add moisturizer. If I don’t have a lot of blemishes, I will use a tinted moisturizer which cuts down on having to use liquid foundation.
I haven’t been using a lot of makeup lately, but over the years, between having two other kids and hosting girl exchange students the past several years, I have gotten to be pretty fast at putting eye makeup on. My whole routine from skin care to makeup and hair takes me fifteen minutes or less. I may not look the most fancy, but I look good. I feel good too when I do my morning routine even if I end up spending the rest of the day in yoga pants.
What does your morning routine look like? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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  1. My morning routine is usually jumping in the shower while my son plays in the bathroom (we have a basket of toys), throwing on some makeup and clothes and that’s it! I feel like I could win a getting ready in the morning race!

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