Princess Leia Waffles

Today is May the 4th, Star Wars Day! To celebrate, I made the kids a breakfast fit for a rebel! This year’s theme: Princess Leia Waffles!

Princess Leia Waffles for Star Wars Breakfast
Princess Leia Waffles for Star Wars Breakfast

These are easy to make and fun to eat! All you need is:
Jif Hazelnut Spread or Nutella
Samoas or you could substitute with Fudge Rounds, Thin Mints, or Oreos
Candy pieces
samoasYou start by applying a thin layer of Hazelnut spread for the hair and attach the cookies. Use the candy pieces to create facial features, and voila! You have a Princess Leia Waffle!
Princess Leia Waffles from Bear Haven Mama

Do you celebrate Star Wars Day? If so, what kinds of foods do you make?

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